Works with Apple carplay

Apple Carplay Compatibility

Our Stereo systems come with Apple carplay/ Android auto features. Premium units come with wireless carplay features.

Car Audio Specialists

Stereo upgrades, speaker upgrades, Amp installations, Audio tuning.


Get ready

To be amazed

Sound Quality

We use the the audio products which are rated for the finest quality.

Guaranteed work

We proudly take responsibility for our work.

Clean Installation

Installation wiring will be hidden so that your vehicle looks clean.

20 years of Trust

Trusted by customers, and dealerships since 2000 in Simcoe county

Ready to experience a custom audio system in your vehicle? Whether you love listening to thought-provoking podcasts, smooth jazz or booming beats, we’ve got a car audio solution to transform your morning commute into the best part of your day.

With over 18 years of car audio experience in Simcoe County, we’re here to turn your car into your oasis within your budget.

We’re fully 310K certified, famous for our outstanding customer service, competitive pricing and offer a lifetime labour guarantee with every job.

Feels like closing your eyes

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