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Anti theft system in cars

Welcome to DDF Automotive, your trusted partner in securing your vehicle with cutting-edge anti-theft solutions. Our comprehensive guide is designed to assist you in selecting the best anti-theft device for your car while showcasing the professional installation services we provide. At DDF Automotive, we understand the importance of safeguarding your investment, and that’s why we offer expert insights into the latest anti-theft technologies. From GPS tracking devices to advanced security systems, our guide covers it all. Explore our top picks and gain peace of mind knowing that our skilled technicians at DDF Automotive are ready to install your chosen anti-theft device seamlessly. We pride ourselves on not only delivering state-of-the-art security solutions but also ensuring a hassle-free and expert installation experience for our valued customers. Drive with confidence and trust in DDF Automotive to protect your ride from potential threats.

Kill Switch fully manual
There are different types of kill switches and they all involve some sort of manual switches, mainly it's a hidden switch and no one else knows about it, protecting the kill switch protects your vehicle.
Doug Forth
Owner at DDF Automotive
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Advanced Anti-Theft Technologies

IGLA Anti-Theft Alarm and Immobilizer device

Introducing IGLA, your ultimate passive anti-theft solution meticulously crafted to fortify vehicle security. Our state-of-the-art system employs ultrasonic sensors, keenly tuned to detect any unauthorized movement within your vehicle. Upon sensing a potential threat, IGLA swiftly activates a robust alarm, capable of emitting a piercing noise, flashing the vehicle’s lights, and/or honking the horn, effectively thwarting theft attempts and notifying the vehicle owner. For added convenience, select IGLA systems feature a user-friendly remote control, empowering owners to arm and disarm the system remotely. In essence, IGLA offers a comprehensive, efficient, and dependable approach to safeguarding your vehicle from theft, ensuring peace of mind for every journey. Trust IGLA for unparalleled security that goes beyond expectations.

Safeguard your car or truck with our exclusive system designed to thwart theft and carjacking. Leveraging advanced digital technology, this system seamlessly integrates into your vehicle without any impact on the warranty, ensuring complete discretion and undetectability. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your vehicle is fortified with a cutting-edge security solution that prioritizes both effectiveness and stealth.

TAG Anti-Theft, Tracking and Recovery device

Enhance your vehicle’s security with a comprehensive anti-theft system by Tag. Our cutting-edge solution incorporates a variety of wireless tracking RFID devices strategically installed throughout your vehicle, enabling seamless tracking across North America. Should the unexpected occur, our dedicated tracking team is available 24/7, ready to respond promptly in the event of a theft. Furthermore, in case of theft, the vehicle is marked as stolen property, impeding illicit transactions and making it arduous for thieves to sell the vehicle. As an added layer of defense, the unmistakable Tag logo is etched onto the driver and passenger side windows, signaling to potential thieves that your vehicle is fortified by the Tag system, significantly reducing the risk of theft by an impressive 99%. Trust Tag for a holistic approach to safeguarding your vehicle, where advanced technology and visual deterrence converge for unparalleled protection.

Experience unrivaled peace of mind with our ultimate tracking and recovery protection. Our non-jammable devices are strategically installed deep within your vehicle, rendering them inaccessible to would-be thieves. In the unfortunate event of theft, these devices serve as powerful tools, enabling precise tracking and swift recovery of your vehicle. Rest easy knowing that our advanced technology is dedicated to safeguarding your assets, providing you with a heightened sense of security and control.
Ignition kill switch

Ignition Wire Kill Switch

This switch kills the ignition wire

The ignition wire kill switch, a time-tested anti-theft method, involves discreetly installing a switch within the vehicle’s ignition wiring system. Activating this switch disrupts the electrical current flow to the ignition, effectively preventing the engine from starting. Positioned in a hidden location known only to the owner, the kill switch adds an extra layer of security. Despite advancements in anti-theft technologies, this classic method remains a cost-effective and reliable choice, showcasing the enduring effectiveness of a simple yet powerful deterrent against vehicle theft.

Remote Car Battery kill switch

Remote Car Battery kill switch

Disconnects battery using a remote

The Remote Car Battery Kill Switch represents a sophisticated and convenient advancement in vehicle security. This innovative option allows users to seamlessly cut the battery connection remotely, eliminating the need to manually lift the hood each time an adjustment is required. The switch operates discreetly, hidden from view, and offers a silent yet powerful means of securing your vehicle. This remote functionality not only adds a layer of convenience for users but also enhances the overall effectiveness of the kill switch as a theft deterrent. By combining advanced technology with ease of use, the Remote Car Battery Kill Switch exemplifies a modern and intelligent approach to enhancing vehicle security, providing peace of mind for owners.

Battery Disconnect switch

battery disconnect kill switch

Disconnect car's battery

The battery disconnect kill switch is a pragmatic anti-theft measure designed to thwart unauthorized vehicle use. This method involves installing a switch that, when activated, interrupts the flow of power from the vehicle’s battery to essential systems, rendering the car or truck inoperable. By physically disconnecting the battery, this switch acts as a formidable barrier, preventing potential thieves from starting the engine or operating electrical components. Often placed in inconspicuous locations, the switch is known only to the vehicle owner, enhancing its effectiveness. This straightforward yet reliable technique provides an additional layer of security, showcasing how a simple battery disconnect kill switch can serve as a practical and cost-efficient solution to safeguarding vehicles against theft.

Fuse Box Kill Switch​

Fuse Box Kill Switch

Kill power to the fuse box

The Fuse Box Kill Switch is a clever and discreet anti-theft solution designed to add an extra layer of protection to your vehicle. This method involves installing a switch within the fuse box circuit, allowing users to easily interrupt the flow of electricity to crucial systems, rendering the vehicle inoperable. The advantage of this approach lies in its subtlety; the switch is integrated into the existing fuse box, keeping it inconspicuous and known only to the vehicle owner. Activating the switch becomes a swift and silent process, providing an effective deterrent against theft. The Fuse Box Kill Switch showcases how a simple modification to the vehicle’s electrical system can serve as a practical and unobtrusive means of enhancing security and safeguarding against unauthorized use.

Fuel Line kill switch

Fuel line Kill Switch

Prevent fuel from reaching the engine

The Fuel Line Kill Switch stands as a strategic and efficient anti-theft measure, targeting the heart of a vehicle’s operation. This method involves installing a switch in the fuel line circuit, allowing the user to discreetly interrupt the flow of fuel to the engine. By preventing the engine from receiving the necessary fuel supply, this kill switch renders the vehicle immobile and effectively deters theft. The strategic placement of the switch, typically known only to the vehicle owner, adds an element of secrecy to its functionality. Activating the Fuel Line Kill Switch becomes a quick and silent process, providing an additional layer of security without requiring any visible alterations to the vehicle’s exterior. This method exemplifies how a well-placed modification in the fuel system can serve as a practical and effective means of safeguarding against unauthorized use and potential theft.

car key fob

Fuel line Kill Switch

Use your factory remote to start your vehicle

Keep your purse or wallet light – no extra fob necessary!  When installed, press your lock button 3 times (or lock, unlock, lock) to start the vehicle.  It’s so easy, maintenance-free and convenient to use.

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