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Anti theft system in cars

A kill switch is a manual switch that should be turned on to start the engine or vehicle, when this switch is off it’ll break some connection and make the cycle incomplete to stop the vehicle from operating.

Kill Switch fully manual
There are different types of kill switches and they all involve some sort of manual switches, mainly it's a hidden switch and no one else knows about it, protecting the kill switch protects your vehicle.
Doug Forth
Owner at DDF Automotive
Car Doctor
Ignition kill switch

Ignition Wire Kill Switch

This switch kills the ignition wire

This switch can be inside the car, this makes it easy to turn on and off every time while keeping it hidden and no one will have a clue where it is. 

Remote Car Battery kill switch

Remote Car Battery kill switch

Disconnects battery using a remote

This kill switch option is nice, as it cuts the battery connection from the remote and you don’t have to lift the hood each time to alter the switch. This switch is hidden and silent to operate.

Battery Disconnect switch

battery disconnect kill switch

Disconnect car's battery

This switch goes under the hood and you have to open the hood to turn this switch on and off, this might not be the good option for old age people.

Fuse Box Kill Switch​

Fuse Box Kill Switch

Kill power to the fuse box

The way a fuse kill switch works is you run a fuse into your fuse box that when it is activated the fuses will not work.

Fuel Line kill switch

Fuel line Kill Switch

Prevent fuel from reaching the engine

This is a valve between the fuel tank and engine, which can cut the supply of gas to the engine, this switch might not be the convenient option as the switch might be under the car.

car key fob

Fuel line Kill Switch

Use your factory remote to start your vehicle

Keep your purse or wallet light – no extra fob necessary!  When installed, press your lock button 3 times (or lock, unlock, lock) to start the vehicle.  It’s so easy, maintenance-free and convenient to use.

Other Advanced Anti-Theft Technologies

IGLA Anti-Theft Alarm and Immobilizer

IGLA is a passive anti-theft system designed to protect vehicles from theft. It utilizes ultrasonic sensors to detect any unauthorized movement within the vehicle, and if detected, an alarm will activate. This alarm can produce a loud noise, flash the vehicle’s lights, and/or honk the horn in order to deter the thief and alert the owner. Additionally, some Igla systems come equipped with remote control, allowing the owner to arm and disarm the system remotely. All in all, Igla provides an effective and reliable way to secure your vehicle from theft.

This unique system protects your car or truck against theft or carjacking. It uses digital technology to integrate into your vehicle without affecting the warranty and is completely undetectable.

TAG Anti-Theft, Tracking and Recovery

Tag logo is etched onto the driver and passenger side windows of your vehicle to alert potential thieves that the vehicle is protected by the Tag system, reducing the instance of theft by 99%. Additionally, a variety of wireless tracking RFID devices are installed throughout the vehicle and can be tracked anywhere in North America. Our dedicated tracking team is on call 24/7. In the event of a theft, the vehicle is marked as stolen property, making them harder to buy and sell.

The ultimate tracking and recovery protection for peace of mind. Non-jammable devices are installed deep within the vehicle where they can’t be reached that can be used to track and recover your vehicle in the event of theft.

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Dave Bartlett
Dave Bartlett
I would highly recommend DDF Automotive. Staff are super friendly and knowledgeable. I had stellar service, would definitely return again.
Sean Madill
Sean Madill
I took my truck in late fall to have a remote starter installed, the crew did a great job. Just had the truck back in to install an apple car play. Once again they knocked it outta the park. Before ordering parts to connect the rear view camera they reached out to confirm the price and if it was ok to proceed. Once spring comes I’ll be going back for them to tint my windows. Always great service and top notch customer service
Mark Goodman
Mark Goodman
Fast service and professional.
Luciano De Paula
Luciano De Paula
If you wanna dodge your Ram pickup from been stolen look no further, DDF Automotive has everything you need. From sophisticated car alarms to tracking and recovery systems. Very professional, very good customer service, friendly people, explained to me everything well and gave me a reasonable price. Now I can sleep without worries. I’ve had the rustproof done in 2 of my vehicles at this location as well, I’m very pleased with their work .
Andre Ricardo
Andre Ricardo
Great service and fast installation
Sammy Galindo
Sammy Galindo
I contacted DDF wondering if they could install a stereo for me, they were very quick to respond and set up an appointment for me right away, they ordered the parts for me extremely fast and just in about 4 days they were working on my car! Cheryl and Jacqueline helped me out through all the steps to be able to do this as soon as possible, and Eric was able to do everything in about an hour and a half for a good price, Thank you DDF!
Genevieve Brongel
Genevieve Brongel
Great customer service - very friendly and informative … price is also competitive and fare !
Tricia Douglas
Tricia Douglas
I bought the license plate cover at this place.. Thank you for great service.

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