Ceramic Coating

Ceramic Coating

Nano Ceramic Coating

Your vehicle is always at the risk of damages from sources you can’t see, so make sure it can take whatever Mother Nature throws at it.  Nano ceramic paint protection product fills the smallest pores in your vehicle’s paint making its surface shiny, smooth, extremely slick and easy to maintain, keeping your vehicle looking as good as the day you took it home.


This is a basic ceramic coating package that includes a base coating on all painted body surfaces. This package does not include windows or wheels.

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This is a high-end ceramic coating package, that includes the base and top coating of all the painted body surfaces along with the wheel application and windshield treatment that prevents cracking from stones and makes the windshield hydrophobic.

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NanoCeramic Paint Protection

NanoCeramic preserves the original factory paint with a glass shield that prevents minor scratches to your clear coat, acting as a sacrificial layer. The coating will permanently protect the vehicle’s exterior from deteriorating. In fact, the coating is so resistant to chemicals, that contaminates can be removed with less aggressive washing which means fewer washes and waxes. You’ll also notice an improved gloss and colour depth immediately allowing your vehicle’s surface to shine for years.

Preserve the original factory paint

NanoCeramic, once cured, has a hardness above 9H while your normal clear coat has a hardness between 2H and 4H.  Its glass shield prevents minor scratches to your clear coat.  Any scratches to the clear coat can easily be removed with light polishing without compromising the integrity of the original clear coat.

Your vehicle looks like new

You’ll notice improved gloss and colour depth right away, and when properly maintained your vehicle’s finish will shine for years.  No other product compares.

Less Maintenance

NanoCeramic’s smooth surface means brake dust and tar won’t stick to your paint.  Your vehicle will need fewer washes and never requires a wax again.

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