Rust Proofing

Diamond Kote is our rustproofing of choice for new (less than 2 yrs old) vehicles. 
*Need your annual Diamond Kote, First Canadian or Symtech inspection done? We do that!  

Diamond Kote Barrie

Before you even turn the key for the first time, the steel used to manufacture your new car or truck begins the process of returning to its natural state: iron ore. Rust forms when iron, oxygen and water combine to create an electrochemical reaction. If you remove one of the three elements in that simple rust formula, you can prevent corrosion.

Unlike annual oil-based treatments, it is a premium rustproofing application that is a one-time application with an optional lifetime warranty (for qualifying vehicles).

Why Choose Diamond Kote?

Diamond Kote’s liquid corrosion barrier compounds are independently tested to exceed the highest automotive corrosion resistance standards in the world. The highly resilient rust protection formula penetrates into the areas of your vehicle where rust starts, keeping air and water out, and stopping rust before it begins. Applied in a two-stage process, Liquid Corrosion Protection is designed to be exceedingly flexible to allow it to expand and contract with the thousands of temperature changes your vehicle will face each year.

Rust Proofing Module Bundle

DK9000 Module

The DK9000 Module sends a special electric current through your car’s metal to get rid of the bad stuff that causes rust. It uses sacrificial anodes that have a higher positive charge than your car’s body to stop corrosion before it can start.

Liquid Corrosion Protection

Diamond Kote has created special liquids that protect your vehicle from rust better than any other product. These liquids form a strong barrier that prevents rust from forming in vulnerable areas of your vehicle. They keep out air and water, stopping rust from happening in the first place.

Vulcanized Undercoating

Diamond Kote’s premium, Vulcanized Sound Shield Undercoating is a rust preventative by design. Its durable, rubberized coating not only insulates your vehicle from the elements but also blocks excessive road and engine noise.

We harnessed all the science that vulcanization does for objects like hockey pucks and running shoe soles into our world-renowned undercoating. The result is tough, flexible and virtually indestructible rust and sound protection.

Rust Protection

Rust perforation usually starts from the inside body panels. By the time rust appears on the outside of your vehicle, major rust damage has already been done.

Rust Protection is sprayed under high pressure into your body panels so it can get deep into the seams and crevices, where corrosion begins.

Paint Protection

Is factory paint tough enough? The paint layer on your car is less thick than a credit card. It needs protection in order to stand the test of time. Without it, you’ll quickly notice your investment ageing: fading colour from UV rays, damage to the clear coat from acid rain and loss of vibrancy.

With Diamond Kote Paint Protection, your paint is protected from the elements that damage the paint over time. It preserves the quality of the colour and makes your vehicle easier to clean.

Fabric Protection

Interior protection forms an invisible barrier that protects all fabric surfaces from spills and discolouration while preserving the natural beauty of your interior.

We love to use this protection on carpets in addition to Weathertech Floor Liners to make your interior fresh all year round and protect from those nasty salt stains in winter.

This formula is 100% CFC-free – it’s safe for your vehicle and the environment.

Diamond Kote Reviews

Diamond Kote is applied to every panel of your steel or aluminum vehicle’s body, giving you the ultimate protection in any weather. You’re protected from chemicals, brake dust, salt, dirt, moisture and humidity.

Dave Bartlett
Dave Bartlett
I would highly recommend DDF Automotive. Staff are super friendly and knowledgeable. I had stellar service, would definitely return again.
Sean Madill
Sean Madill
I took my truck in late fall to have a remote starter installed, the crew did a great job. Just had the truck back in to install an apple car play. Once again they knocked it outta the park. Before ordering parts to connect the rear view camera they reached out to confirm the price and if it was ok to proceed. Once spring comes I’ll be going back for them to tint my windows. Always great service and top notch customer service
Mark Goodman
Mark Goodman
Fast service and professional.
Luciano De Paula
Luciano De Paula
If you wanna dodge your Ram pickup from been stolen look no further, DDF Automotive has everything you need. From sophisticated car alarms to tracking and recovery systems. Very professional, very good customer service, friendly people, explained to me everything well and gave me a reasonable price. Now I can sleep without worries. I’ve had the rustproof done in 2 of my vehicles at this location as well, I’m very pleased with their work .
Andre Ricardo
Andre Ricardo
Great service and fast installation
Sammy Galindo
Sammy Galindo
I contacted DDF wondering if they could install a stereo for me, they were very quick to respond and set up an appointment for me right away, they ordered the parts for me extremely fast and just in about 4 days they were working on my car! Cheryl and Jacqueline helped me out through all the steps to be able to do this as soon as possible, and Eric was able to do everything in about an hour and a half for a good price, Thank you DDF!
Genevieve Brongel
Genevieve Brongel
Great customer service - very friendly and informative … price is also competitive and fare !
Tricia Douglas
Tricia Douglas
I bought the license plate cover at this place.. Thank you for great service.